Streamlined Consumption & Became Fully Autonomous on Solar, Assisted by Ohm

GJ (from Zirakpur, PB) opted for the Ohm Assistant to get insights on his utility consumption, and thereby measure the efficiency of the solar installation. He initially opted for a three phase 3Ohm bot in December, 2021, and based on his positive experience subsequently opted for an additional single phase 1Ohm bot. He was implementing a 3KW solar project at home and assisted by Ohm, he was able to derive valuable information, such as a real time picture of consumption. He was able to identify and replace one AC with a more efficient model. Also, closely looking at optimising his power consumption, he regulated the AC temperature to optimise power consumption, all the while relying on the Ohm Assistant for feedback. He was able to check all appliances and identify the idling devices, which were managed. Finally, recently he was able to remove dependency on utility for power, and is now fully autonomous on solar. Here he was delighted with the Ohm Assistant Application UI and option to view & manage multiple bots. Basis the first device, he ordered a single phase device, which he has deployed to monitor specific loads on the single phase line.