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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Ohm Broadcast

Ohm Broadcast is the place where you can get your buzz on Ohm Assistant and SustLabs. The Ohm Assistant Community Managers will post news, updates and articles to keep you in the know.

Ohm User Stories

Ohm Assistant is not just a product or a service. It is a lifestyle of conscious living, inspiring “Energy Efficient Lifestyle”. Lower energy consumption gives two benefits including savings (individual) & planet resources conservation (wider humanity), achievable by making conscious & judicious consumption a lifestyle. Interaction from customer engagement provides us valuable feedback & insights, and we create stories on benefits & positive experiences which we present here. Home users have experienced transformation in both habits and outgoings.

Ohm Business Stories

While Ohm is created for Homes, Ohm is found to have capabilities to address larger audiences including small businesses, hotels, manufacturing, restaurants, offices and has found its way into industry. Ohm for Business Success Stories captures snapshots of the emerging landscape of deploying Ohm in the commercial space, thereby inspiring energy efficiency well beyond homes & making business smart, with better bottomlines.

Humans of Ohm

Meet people behind the scenes who are trying to make sustainable, energy-efficient living a part of your everyday reality!

Ohm User Documentation

Ohm User Documentation is your go to place for all product documents that comprehensively explore all facets of the Ohm Assistant. Access this right here, at any time and at your own pace. Your companion to achieving full success with your Ohm Assistant. #BeAssisted #InspiringEnergyEfficiency

Ohm Promotions

Topical Ads have always attracted attention of customers for being informative, educational and enlightening. After all, Ohm Assistant is much more than a device or an application. Ohm Assistant is about creating the paradigm shift in the way electricity is consumed, and promoting a energy efficient lifestyle. What’s in it for you !!! Financial Savings in form of lower bills and Global contribution to Resource Conservation.