Similar fans, Not so similar consumption

Jinendra, a scientist based out of Bangalore, had been a user for almost 3 weeks when we contacted him for feedback. Being a new user, he had many suggestions and inputs for us. While in between those suggestions, he told us about his erroneous fan. Jinendra was very excited and inquisitive about our product. Being an alumnus of IIT Bombay himself, he wanted to know as much as possible from this app. He started performing an exercise where he switched off all his appliances and then switched them on one by one to recognise their consumption.

While in this exercise, he realised that although his bedroom and living room fans were pretty similar, the fan in the bedroom was consuming 25 watts more than the one in the hall. The fan in the bedroom was consuming 25 Watts more than the fan in the guest room. He realised that recently he had changed the windings of the fan, and they were not of very good quality. So the fan in the bedroom was consuming more. He decided to get a rewinding of good quality done to reduce the energy consumption. The OHM assistant helped him in catching the faulty device.

While in that exercise, he also realised that his geyser is consuming most in his house, and that’s when he and his family started using it more carefully. After 2 weeks, he messaged us saying he saved 500 that month on his electricity bill.

All thanks to our OHM assistant!!

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