Saving the future

Lockdown has been challenging. Not just because we had to stay locked up in our houses for too long, but also because the electricity bills were high because of everyone working from their home. The same was the case with Kaustubh.

He saw a tremendous increase in his electricity bills during the last lockdown and had decided to not let that happen again. He was also very skeptical about his meter readings and hence tried his level best to search for a product that will help him solve both these issues. His search ended on OHM assistant.

Since this device showed him a real-time analysis, his primary issue was solved. He could check when his AC was left on unnecessarily when the geyser was being used beyond permissible limits. All this helped him continuously point out to his family members, and eventually, his bill decreased. The most significant change came in kids. His 4-year-old son can understand the graphs, and his daughter keeps pointing out whenever someone leaves the switches on. When his maid left the washing machine on once, he could quickly identify the cause and immediately switched off the appliance. The OHM assistant helped in not only bringing down his bills but also in making his kids more aware and energy efficient!! :v: :v: