Pump behaved like AC

July week 2

What happens when the water pump starts consuming more and starts behaving like an AC?

A user persistently raised tickets regarding false detection of AC. This gentleman from Pune enjoyed the soothing weather of Pune, but that wasn’t the story with his electricity bills. His intention while buying the device was to identify the culprit, and he assumed it was one of the ACs or the geysers.

Within the first few weeks, he started seeing the AC popping up in Ohm Assistant. He knew very well it just couldn’t have been the AC because he or his family wasn’t turning it on.

He flagged it in the app, and the Ohm-bot went into a learning mode to check for false detection. While the system was taking time to learn, the bot team started engaging with the user. It was evident that it wasn’t an AC but another appliance disguised in the form of an AC. Seeing a pattern in which it came on, the user was wise enough to keep the team on the stand-by and checked with each family member and house-help about their activity. One day, the gardener turned on the water pump. The user and the team felt like they had solved the problem while the gardener kept standing cluelessly with a gushing water pipe.

The pump that was rated to be consuming 1100 watt was consuming 2100 watt. That’s straight saving. Enough to earn a one-way flight ticket for a vacation.

After a couple of hours, the AC came on again. This couldn’t have been due to the water pump. The gentleman’s wife started baking a little late in the chaos of finding the energy-guzzling monster. It was the oven indeed that was behaving like an AC. Was it the oven’s fault or our algorithms’? The simple answer is our algorithms’, and we constantly aspire to improve them (after all, he was one of the first users we had outside of Mumbai). But was the oven behaving like the way it was supposed to? Definitely not. It was also clear that any appliance inside the house can turn into an energy-guzzling monster.

The user is now saving at least a thousand rupees on his monthly bill without curtailing on his comfort.

All thanks to our Ohm assistant!!

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