OHM notified us!

Have you ever stepped out of the house and then can’t remember if you were able to switch off all the appliances? That happened with Lait, except he was not the one to even switch on the appliance.

Lait was out once when he kept receiving notifications on his OHM app. When he finally got the chance to look at the application, he realized that the geyser at his home had been left on by his house help. Nobody in the family noticed this, and hence it was still on. He knew how the consumption of geyser was on the higher end, and from the past few weeks, he and his family were trying to use it more judiciously. This has saved them approximately 10% on their bills. This episode of the geyser being left on derailed the whole family’s plan.

He was still happy that with the help of OHM, he could get the timely notification of the geyser being left on.

Had it not been the case, the bill would have increased substantially.

I wanted this notification option but dont know how to enable it, any help?

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Hi @Siddharth_Goswami,

There is a section in the app from where you could set the alerts. Go to explore>Set targets, here you have multiple alert options.

If you want that the home shouldn’t go beyond a certain wattage.

You can set the value to the sanctioned load approved by your utility provider. You can find this value on your electricity bill

Hope this helps your query.

Thx but I learned that for Applice IOS it is not working, I cant see any Bell icon

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@Siddharth_Goswami We would soon be launching the same for IOS also. As of now we have this feature for android. Thanks :slight_smile: