Ohm Insights to Impressive Savings by Upgrading Devices & Better Habits

VB (from Bengaluru, KA) is a home customer with high usage, and opted for the Ohm Assistant to understand and optimise home consumption. He found the Ohm Assistant valuable in being able to provide education about the appliances in his home, and trace out what was going wrong. Armed with these insights, he was able to derive a picture of highest consuming appliances, and replace them with more energy efficient models. He identified a ceiling fan with damaged bearing that was consuming higher power. Similarly, all lights were converted to LED. The UPS battery which has gone bad was also changed. These brought significant savings. With further application of insights, he was able to make changes in processes & habits at home. Geysers running together were used carefully, and turned off promptly after use. Similarly, exhaust fans coupled with light switches in washrooms were decoupled so that only specific devices would be powered as per required use. He highly appreciates the constantly improving Ohm Assistant application, which provides this wealth of information at the fingertips.