Ohm helps me become sustainable


Mr. Mohandas initially bought Ohm assistant to monitor if his utility meter was recording correct data. Upon using, he observed various lifestyle changes in himself and the entire family. They articulated the habit of observing how the appliances were performing which in turn made them check for the problems which they would ignore otherwise. In the process of doing so, he was able to save a whopping 200 units bringing his bills down drastically.

He was so impressed to find a device that reflects real-time unit consumption and lets him keep a track of over usage via alerts. Ohm helped him identify that his television consumed 300 watts per hour and even in standby mode it continued consuming power. He became so conscious of this fact that he and his family started to switch off the TV before going to bed every night.

He says he believes in sustainable development and loves to take measures that help him become more conscious and ohm helps him do exactly that!


I think we should become energy conscious and start looking at the patterns of our appliances and monitor our usage with the ohm application