Moving from normal to BLDC

Off lately, there have been a lot of power outages in Virar. A user who happened to be the resident of that area could not figure out what appliances he should use on the inverter for it to last longer. That was the reason he got himself an OHM assistant. He wanted to know the exact power each of his appliances was consuming to learn which of them to use on the inverter since it could not handle more than 950 watts.

He was a little tense on his bill side as well. His electricity bill always came out to be more than 4000 INR. Quiet high for an area suffering major power outages.

Anyways, one day he started playing with his OHM application to understand his consumption. After he switched off all the appliances and then switched them one by one to analyse each one’s consumption, he interpreted that, in fact, his ceiling fans were consuming too much electricity. This is because they were old ceiling fans and hence consumed higher than usual BLDC fans. So he researched and found out that BLDC fans consume 25-30 watts less than standard ceiling fans. So he immediately got it changed.

The silent consumption monster of the house was recognised, and he could now sleep a goodnight sleep.