“Made in India” & Constantly Improving

AS (from Panchkula, HR) is an ex Army Doctor was looking for various monitoring devices online, where he found the Ohm Assistant to meet Indian Standards of 220 V, and also being a “Made in India” product. He purchased the Ohm Assistant in March, 2021 from Amazon. He deployed the bot in his home, a bungalow, and he is satisfied with the Ohm Assistant, since it is able to provide real time live consumption information. The information regarding monthly units has been fairly accurate. He was also able to get suitable feedback for his appliance consumption for his bungalow, especially with multiple air conditioners, geysers & an immersive pump. Additionally, he is able to use this as a tool to correlate his usage with his solar input & utility billing. Almost two years now, he appreciates the regular updates to the Ohm Assistant application, which is providing better value over time.