Identified & Replaced Bad Inverter Battery, Assisted by Ohm

PD (from Pune, MH) discovered Ohm Assistant through his electricity bill (Ohm Assistant ran a campaign with MahaVitaran, the utility company). He purchased the Ohm Assistant 3Ohm device in May, 2021, and reports great satisfaction with the product. At the time of deploying the Ohm Assistant, he was getting soaring bills in the range of Rs 5000, and was looking to trace the cause and address the issue. Securing the detailed real time picture of power consumption in the home given by the Ohm Assistant, the customer was able to trace the abnormal power consumption to his inverter battery gone bad. On replacing the battery, his electricity bills dropped to the range of Rs. 2000/-. Further, he uses Ohm to compare the units billed by the utility with the units displayed in the Ohm Assistant application. With billed units in the range of 150-200 units per month, when compared with the units displayed by the Ohm Assistant, there is a consistent match of over 95%. Hence he finds it very useful to regularly cross check usage.