How we assist your home!

Living in an era where information is available at the tip of your hands makes a person feel more powerful than one can imagine.

Ohm assistant is an energy meter designed to help you decode and manage your energy consumption and understand your bills. Ohm bot collects information about your home’s energy consumption in real-time. It helps you review the data anytime anywhere via the application.

The ohm bot makes it easy to understand how much energy you spend so you can make informed choices about energy savings as you go about your daily routine. The predictions will be more accurate each month, rather than an estimate based on previous usage. This eliminates the need for you to take the meter readings yourself, and the power company doesn’t have to periodically send someone in to do it. Since consumption and expenditure data is real-time, everyone gets information.

Overall our bot can save money in homes that aim to monitor their usage and adjust their power consumption behavior accordingly. The bot only saves if you are energy conscious, so monitor your consumption and switch to savings!