High Bills Traced to Faulty Utility Meter: Proved by Ohm Assistant Data

SS from Mumbai, MH urgently purchased the Ohm Assistant 3Ohm in March 2022, even arranging same day pickup from SustLabs office in IIT Bombay Powai office, at her cost. She received several highly escalated bills which alarmed her, and hence the extremely urgent need to trace extremely high consumption. Immediately on installation, she started checks on appliances and identified that the water kettle was a huge guzzler of electricity, using as much as 1000 units. Realising this, she curbed unnecessary use of this appliance. Further observation was able to provide details regarding total units consumed, and traced the clear discrepancy between the units billed by utility (BEST) and the units recorded by Ohm Assistant. This data of the Ohm Assistant was accepted as concrete evidence, and the utility company replaced the electricity meter. Her monthly bills that were touching Rs. 40000/- dropped to reasonable amounts of Rs. 3000/- on replacement of the faulty utility meter.