Geyser jyada khata hai

One of our very early users, like every other person, wanted to reduce his electricity bills. For this purpose, he reached out to us. He had heard about OHM assistant from one of his colleagues and then called us to know about it’s functionality. Once satisfied, he bought the device.

Anyways, at the time of installation, he was very inquisitive to know which appliance in his house consumed the most. Initially, he and his family thought that their AC consumes the most and out of habit they used to turn it on only when extremely required. He checked the appliance-wise consumption on the OHM application after installation. We were still in the house. By chance one of the family members switched on the geyser, and the consumption shot upto 1000 watts. We showed him the reason for his high consumption. His wife ran to switch off the geyser and since then, the family has been using their geyser judiciously to reduce the consumption and hopefully reduce their bills :v: