Fridge turned out faulty

When we do the analysis of our users’ consumption, we generally get Geyser or AC as significant contributors to their electricity bills. But that was not the case with Chetan. Chetan is an Electrical Consultant and was very inquisitive about our product. He wanted to show people modern ways to save energy. He has been using the OHM assistant for about 4 months now and realised that the fridge was the appliance which was actually consuming most. He discussed it with his friends, who also analysed that about 50-60% of consumption happened due to minuscule appliances. Earlier, he just presumed that his AC was the appliance that was consuming most, but he knew what he had to do with the app analysis. He cut down on his small daily consumption and not just because he wanted to reduce his bills but because he wanted to reduce his energy consumption. He ruled out that maybe his fridge is faulty and will get it checked to ensure proper consumption :v: