Energy Management for Hotels

Hotels are large scale entities, with varied uses of electrical energy, both across multiple sections constituting the common usage and usage at the guest room level. Energy spends are a key expense, and variable that can be controlled & streamlined with proper insights backed by implementation of best practices. Ohm provides the insights, in real time and with segregation based on manner of deployment of sensors.

Traditionally energy usage and costs have been unchecked, where variable and specific consumption remained untraced, leading to demonstrated scenarios of wastage and abusive consumption. The current milieu limits organisations to depend on the typical blackbox scenario, where the utility meter is the only source of energy consumption information, and deciphering usage proportional to usage (disaggregation) remains the challenge.

Here, the hotel management is looking to identify energy consumption, to gain granular information on usage, across various sections (departments), common areas & room level usage. The current limitation lies in the inability to determine segregation based on actual use. The implementation of a solution including multiple devices as submeters at the room & section level, presented on the system admin panel providing a consolidated view of the consumption is seen to address this need.

SustLabs’ Ohm Assistant helps in factoring electricity expenses for EBITDA management and building strategic insights while preparing the case for hotel acquisitions. Thus no more unpredictability or uncertainty around electricity bills. Accurate assessment of electricity costs while building acquisition plans or modelling business plans.

Further, SustLabs offers a unique billing system which is implemented for pass-on expenses, permitting room wise tracking of energy consumption, and hence this has been pivotal in implementation of processes for billing & passing on these expenses to the specific room occupants.

SustLabs offers a unique solution permitting comprehensive tracking of energy consumption tracking of energy consumption, and hence this has been pivotal in implementation of processes for billing & passing on these expenses to the specific room occupants.

The solution is immensely useful to track multiple rooms & hostels simultaneously, and provides both breakdown of roomwise outgoings. The common expenses also thus can be deduced. Additional analytical data at a glance includes average consumption per room, lowest consumers (tracing most efficient consumers), heaviest consumers (tracing abuse & wastage)

The same solution can be extended to the end consumer another interface, which is about granular information of usage, with app based access with provision of room level consumption, including real time consumption & appliance category level consumption information based on the Ohm Assistant predictive model. Respecting the user privacy is prime, whereby individual room appliance level data access remains privileged to the consumer, and the hotel has no access to this channel of data. .

The system supports multiple rooms across multiple hotels. The core system is based on an administrator panel which can be accessed & updated by the administrator. Subusers can also be created, with custom controls for local management by the admin also provisioned.