D100 Ohm Assistant Welcome Aboard Onboarding Process

D100 Ohm Assistant Welcome Aboard Onboarding Process
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Note: While best efforts will be made to keep this documentation updated, please note that some text or illustration may differ with app or platform or type of hardware, or updates.

SustLabs welcomes you aboard Ohm Assistant, your electricity activity tracker designed to help residential electricity users become energy wiser and ultimately make homes smarter.

Presenting an IoT product for residential (and small office) electricity users to track overall and appliance level electricity consumption without deploying any sensors. Get ready to “sense the heart-beat of your home”.

SustLabs Customer Success has created this ticket to ensure a smooth onboarding process, and we are happy to assist you in getting started with using your new Ohm Assistant ML-Bot. There are 5 stages in getting started with Ohm Assistant. At any time, please feel free to reach out to us for any guidance, assistance, or verification.

    You can have the installation done with support from our installation partners. Installation support is available at selected locations, and charges directly payable to the partner.

Alternatively, you can install the Ohm Assistant with your trusted local electrician.

In any case, please refer to the Ohm Assistant User Manual in the box to ensure correct connections.
Please share a picture of the Bot with wiring once the installation is completed.

    After completion of the physical installation of the Bot, the ML-Bot must be connected with your Local Wi-Fi Network/Router, in turn to the Internet to relay data for analysis and processing, to be displayed in the Ohm Assistant App.

Follow the steps to complete the Pairing Process, as per the Bot to Wi-Fi Pairing Process Document. Carefully note the Bot Id (Meter Id) at the end of the Pairing Process.

Note that the Ohm Assistant requires Wi-Fi 24x7 for the data to flow in seamlessly. Hence ensure that the Wi-Fi Router is suitably positioned so that the Ohm Assistant Bot can make a strong connection. The quality of connection is important, and any disruption or break in connection will cause missed detections, with incomplete data recording, and incomplete data being often useless.

    As of January 2022, we strongly recommend the Android App since this is the most evolved app, with maximum features and latest enhancements. While core features are available across all apps, the iOS app and WebApp is still evolving, with recent enhanced features still to be released.
    (a) Android App - This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store
    (b) iOS App - This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store
    (c) MyOhm WebApp - This provides web-based access to the Ohm Assistant App services through Desktop PC/Laptop/MacBook etc.
    Access Link: https://app.ohmassistant.com/

    First time on the App, log in using your Primary Mobile Number and validate using the OTP (One Time Password). Going forward, this is the Registered Mobile Number.
    Then enter the Name, Email id and Bot Id as guided by the process. The Bot is linked to the Mobile Number and App, and Bot Data will start to reflect in the App.
    Once Registered Mobile Number is set up and linked with the Bot, then one can download/access the app on other devices, simply using the Registered Mobile Number & OTP Password

    Vyas is developed as a recording tool for all your home appliances wherein you can maintain details like make, brand, purchase date, warranty information, service date, AMC as well as star rating of the appliance.

Categories include Air Conditioners, Geysers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Heating Devices, Water Pumps & Miscellaneous.

Every heavy appliance must be distinctly defined under Vyas to ensure that the device is included in the detection, ML (Machine Learning) and analysis processes. Only these appliances/categories will be included in the detection & analysis.

Once you have completed the 5 stages in getting started with Ohm Assistant, please note the key features that are available to you through the Ohm Assistant App.

  1. OHM HOME SCREEN & NAVIGATION: On the OHM Home Screen, view the LIVE Consumption & Monthly Total. Also get a graphical view of the last 24 hours consumption. Navigate to various areas of the app.

  2. ANALYSIS & APPLIANCE ACTIVITY: Once the above 5 stages are completed, allow the ML-Bot upto 15 days to complete the learning process. Enhance the learning by using the enhanced Appliance Activity Feedback feature, by giving feedback for every detection incident displayed, a Superior & Sharper feedback mechanism, that allows mapping the detection incident to specific appliances.

  3. BUDGET & ENERGY STATEMENT: Update the utility details including billing cycle date to View the Projected Bill Amount based on usage trend & billing cycle. Generate General Energy Statement & Detailed Energy Statement to gain insights on daily use & capture of data.

  4. EXPLORE & SETTINGS: Besides the core features, Update Account Details & Set Notifications for threshold, abnormality & monthly targets. Use Train Your Bot, to directly train the Ohm Assistant Bot to recognize the specific appliances & vastly improve the detection accuracy. Diagnose the health of your devices & trace leakages. Enrol in our Programs.

  5. SUPPORT: Raise tickets with issues/queries from within the app. Get your issues resolved with us.

  6. COMMUNITY: Ohm Assistant Community: Expert Articles, Peer Reviews & User Experiences with valuable insights.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time for assistance or to offer your valuable feedback.

Thank you for choosing Ohm Assistant enabling you to become energy wiser & ultimately make your home smarter. #OhmAssistant #BeAssisted

Ohm Assistant by SustLabs Success Team

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