Change in Residence Brought Big Savings, Supported by Ohm

SG (from Navi Mumbai, MH) discovered Ohm Assistant via social media, as a product to understand usage, trace power consumption & current leakages at home. He was moving residence, and opted for two Ohm Bots for his twin flats. He sees the Ohm Assistant as an excellent & fantastic product, since he was able to monitor & control electricity consumption. His change of residence saw his power bills greatly reduce from 10-11 thousand to 4 thousand, over 60% drop. The Ohm Assistant with its real time feedback allowed him to study and pinpoint points of consumption. In the new residence, factors such as greater natural light and better lighting, more cross ventilation reduced dependency on AC, and changed habits including reduced TV usage. Earlier he was unable to see what was powered on, but after making careful, minute observations, he was able to trace usage & wastage and make checks, which has excellent results. Important contribution was the insight of the units consumed, with real time updates inspired cautious control.