Arhan Vyas - In Conversation with Manthan Anand

From the Archives: SustLabs has its first public outreach by Arhan Vyas, a passionate 17 year old, who had a brief internship with us. He started the OHMPOD podcast & created the first episode for SustLabs in June 2021 where he passionately relates how SustLabs is inspiring energy efficiency, and introducing the Ohm Assistant.

Arhan’s work, as reflected in this passionate interview, reflects what we at SustLabs, through the Ohm Assistant and beyond, are working to achieve through leveraging technology & data. Presenting Arhan, this youngster at just 17 who fosters new consciousness in energy conservation & green living, as our first Human of Ohm. Let us listen to his story.

OHMPOD Arhan Vyas - In Conversation with Manthan Anand

SustLabs aims to integrate homes in the smart and sustainable world through informed energy consumption choices. In this episode, Arhan talks to Manthan Anand, the impact lead and social scientist at SustLabs.

Date 11-Jun-2021 Duration: 16 min 27 sec

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