App Update: Ohm Assistant Subscription: Roll out for Android Users


Ohm Assistant is introduced subscription plans for recent customers who have purchased the product from July 2022. This has been communicated at the time of sale. Subscription plans unlock premium features of Ohm Assistant, to enable users to learn more about what is happening inside the home, and provide a full experience which includes real time consumption data, analysis & appliance management.

Subscription charges are currently fixed at Rs. 15/- per month per bot. Those users/bots who have subscription charges applicable will have the screen displayed inviting the user to unlock Ohm Assistant, starting with a 1-month free trial. Activate the subscription now and cancel anytime.

The process involves registering the payment method, and the user is guided through making this verification payment of Rs.5/- to confirm that an active payment method is registered. The verification payment of Rs 5/- is totally refundable and credited to the same payment method. After the free 1-month trial period, the payment method will be charged the subscription fee of Rs. 15/- per bot. Users can cancel at any time before the free trial ends.

When clicking the “START YOUR 1-MONTH FREE TRIAL” link, an SMS is generated to the Registered Mobile Number of the selected Ohm Assistant Bot.

Trial Subscription SMS Link

Simultaneously, an Email is sent to the Registered Email Id of the selected Ohm Assistant Bot.

Simultaneously, the “RazorPay Payment Gateway Secure Webpage” link will open in the web browser.

To proceed, click the START SUBSCRIPTION button. The next page is a form which requires contact details including the Mobile Number & Email Id.

The Payment Method page is displayed. Users need to select either UPI or Cards (MasterCard & VISA) to proceed.

For UPI, the screen displayed is as follows. Note displayed: This is a recurring payment and upto Rs. 5/- will be charged now. SUSTAINABLE REFERENCE ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED can charge upto Rs 15/- on a billed every month basis till 03 Feb 2033.

For Credit Card, the screen displayed is as follows

Supported Banks/Cards as follows

Users with subscriptions enabled & users who are excluded from subscription will have the Ohm Assistant Member message displayed as follows.

Customers who have purchased the Ohm Assistant prior to July 2022 are part of the free subscription plan, which provides lifetime free access to all features. Users will continue to enjoy full use of the Ohm Assistant Application services without charge, our special acknowledgement to our customers who are early adopters of the Ohm Assistant.

This is rolled out with Ohm Assistant Android Play Store Application Version 1.1.3