Accurate Matching of Billed Units & Insights on EV Charging Prompted Separate Ohm Bot

AR opted for the Ohm Assistant 3Ohm to help him track the EV (Electric Vehicle) charger
for his home. When the Ohm Assistant was installed at his residence, it was seen that his domestic line did not cover the EV, SustLabs sent out an additional external CT Ohm Assistant bot from the R&D section for a limited period. In this time, he was able to get data specifically related to his EV charging, and also SustLabs benefited by gaining valuable data insights which contributed to the creation of the separate EV charger appliance category. After 3 months, SustLabs recalled the study meter, and AR, who was highly impressed with the insights, opted to purchase a second 3Ohm device just to cover his EV charger. He is also impressed with very accurate matching of units between his utility bill and units seen through the Ohm Assistant. Being an Android user, he finds the interface very comfortable, and with this level of confidence, he is happy to recommend the Ohm Assistant to his connections.